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Although Kariba is in a safari area and pretty much in “the bush”, we still have shops close by for all your basic needs…..


The main supermarket in Nyamhunga Township is TM Supermarkets. Here you will find all your everyday groceries. The Butchery is not too bad…if you don’t see what you want just ask the butcher behind the counter and they will happily cut what you need if they have it. For whiskies and imported liquor you will find this in a cupboard there…locked, but ask any TM guy and they will unlock for you.

If you are boarding a houseboat on the Mahombekombe side or are wanting something a bit more upmarket/different, then Crispy Fresh is the place to go…lovely meat, veg and a nice selection of sauces/baking products etc…yummy sweets too! Head towards the border. 500m after the ZUVA garage turn left then left again by SWIFT. Go up the hill and take your first right and bear right immediately. They are there on the left.

Lovely fruit and veg here

Lovely fruit and veg here


Other shops/Services

For spares for your car, see Farai at Marmite (behind TM). He can find most things or get them up from Harare on a bus in 24 hours. For anything to do with tyres…Zulu is your man. If you stand with your back to TM the council offices are in front of you…behind them is another set of shops…he’s in there. If you fail to catch fish, you can buy at the Lake Harvest Shop….along the Powerlines Road towards Chawara. Or ask Alex the Barman…he can get you whole frozen fish at a good price.


The Good Shepherd Pharmacy is pretty well stocked…on the main road in town, and Southbank..sort of opposite ZB Bank …is also good, but always busy so no good if you are impatient.


The busiest bank is CBZ. The Manager there is called Khumbulani. He’s very helpful if you have issues with VISA cards etc. Open 8am to 3pm Mon to Fri and 8am to 11.30am on Saturday. They also have an VISA ATM. ZB Bank is behind, behind (!!) TM. Opening hours are the same and they also have an ATM. Generally they are not as busy as CBZ.

Of course, the market is full of bits and bobs and probably your cheapest bet for relish vegetables…onions, tomatoes, rape and potatoes.

Medical needs, Police etc

One thing that Kariba has that is the most awesome service is MARS…Medical Air Rescue Service.

Fantastic Medical service

Fantastic Medical service

MARS has very dedicated staff who are fantastic at all things. Unfortunately they have never been given signposts by Head Office so they are hard to find if you don’t know about them. Most important..their phone numbers are 0772 377 406 or 0772 560 445. If you have an emergency, call them and they will assist. Obviously it is not for free but it is worth it. If you are able to go to them…even if you have a problem that is not an emergency… they are on the Heights. Head towards the border but turn RIGHT at the T-Junction. Go past the D.A.’s office, the “Jam Jar” bar and the turn off to Lake Navigation. After this they are the 2nd road on the left and the first house on the right. DO support them…they are a real necessity in Kariba.

We also have an amazing doctor Dr Tafara Siduna  0772 412 763 and equally brilliant dentist Clara 0777 224 168



Kariba has a police force. The police station is on your way to the border…turn right at the ZUVA garage. They are by the Observation Point. When visiting the police station, take plenty of patience with you. Try to talk to CID rather than uniform if you can. Inspector Njenje 0772 705 378 is part of CID and is very helpful, especially if you tell him you are staying at Warthogs. Also a good guy is Kamhesi from CID. There is also a police base in Nyamhunga. If you turn off the main tar road towards the shops, then turn first right down a dirt road you might find them. Best of luck.

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam


We also have a fire engine…stationed next to the market in Nyamhunga. I have never seen it in action….we’ve never had a fire at Warthogs thank goodness,  Anyway, it is a bright shiny red truck and looks quite fancy.

If there’s anything else you need to know, the barmen are a good info pack too!


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