**SPECIAL** Looking for people to join a group?? Male single traveller is looking for others to join him for a few days in Mana Pools at the end of October 2019 to reduce costs. Email us if you are interested!

Whether you want to visit Zimbabwe for a few days or for an extended period, we can book your accommodation, transport (if it’s pre-bookable) and activities. We charge the same as the supplying Companies do…..the advantage of booking through us is that you only have to make one payment and we then hand out the loot to the various establishments….easier…..cheaper in bank charges!

Big water on the Zambezi

Big water on the Zambezi

We can advise you on what is feasible, what is just never going to work and maybe some ideas you hadn’t even thought of! Some people have crazy ideas of what happens in Africa…although Zimbabwe is still very much “Africa” we do have some modern technology and we don’t all have bones through our noses! And Zimbabwe is a huge playground for the adventurous on both land water and air.

For those wanting to pamper themselves with a luxury trip, Air Zimbabwe has regular internal flights and many of the exclusive camps and lodges use private air charters to bring their guests in. Where possible we use small camps where the staff are dedicated to looking after their clients’ every wish. We tend to focus more on the Zambezi Valley, but we know of some great little places all around the country. Zimbabwe has some of the top lodges on the continent and we are by far the friendliest nation, without being “in your face”.

Ever friendly locals

Ever friendly locals

All we need from you is a bit of information about your group size, your budget, your dreams (and nightmares!), what sort of accommodation and transport you prefer and anything else that you think may be relevant in tailoring a safari for you. We will then give you some ideas and costs and we work from there until we can offer exactly what you want.

A few things to bear in mind….

Zimbabwe is a fair size, with only a few major towns. These towns tend to be a few hours drive apart so, unless you want to spend endless days on the road, you should try and plan to either have enough time on your hands to visit all the places you want for a couple of days each or restrict your bucket list to what will fit into your time frame. In 14 days you will only get to have a good look at a portion of the country….which give you a great excuse to come back again and again!


There’s more than one way to get around too!




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