Kariba Town



Nyaminyami stands watch over the wall

If you have your own transport you can easily visit the sights of the town without any guidance. If you don’t have transport, Sunset Safaris (0772 874 403) offer a tour for $25. Even the taxis can take you there for the same price. The main points of interest are the Dam Wall, the Information Centre and the Lookout. All of these places are fairly close together, towards the border.

Information Centre….

Turn left out of our drive onto the dirt road and travel 1km to the tar road. Turn right here and go up the hill 400m to the main tar road. Turn left here. You will pass AMC Total fuel station on your left after 1km. After a further 4km you will reach another T junction. Turn left and go down the hill 1km. As you reach the green ZUVA fuel station turn right up the hill. After about 200m you will find the Police Station to the left and straight ahead is a small parking area where locals sell baskets and curios. Park here and head up the steps. The information centre is free to visit and tells the history of the lake, with photos of the dam wall construction. You also get a good view of the dam wall from up there.

Dam Wall….

Follow the instructions as above but go past the ZUVA garage (in red) and continue on the main road for another km or so until you reach the customs and immigration. Park here and go into the immigration office. You will need to pay US$1 and leave your passport at the office until you return. Often they only ask for 1 passport if you are in a group. Do not walk past the half way mark of the wall as the authorities get a bit jumpy that you might be heading into Zambia!

Lookout Point….

Follow the route as above but at the T-junction (in red) turn right and head uphill for about 6kms. Eventually you will get to the highest point and the Post Office. Just past the post office is a car park on your left.

View over Sampakaruma

View over Sampakaruma

Opposite the car park is the church that was built to honour all the people who died during the dam wall construction. Unfortunately it is often locked but you can have a good squint through the grill doors. 100m further along the road is a small car park where curios are sold.

This will give you the most awesome view of the eastern end of the lake. You cannot see the end….not even close. What you see on a clear day is only about 1/5 of the way. This tour is free. The whole route is about 40km and takes a couple of hours.


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