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Pop back here for some great information on Warthogs Bushcamp and Safaris…


  1. Itayi Christopher Chieza

    So far all seems in order and it appears like a fun place to be.

  2. Itayi Christopher Chieza

    It seems like a fun place to be.

  3. Hey, the lake is nice and high, close to Warthogs…the elephants come and visit nearly every day this time of year and the fishing is great. Hurry to book now as we are filliing up fast over December!
    As for Safaris, Zimbabwe can be expensive right now for foreigners because of the 1:1 exchange rate with the Bond note to USdollar. But we locals can save yu lots of money on food etc by buying ourselves. So take advantage of this and book a tailor made safari today…you won’t do it cheaper yourself!!

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